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Company Background

Company Background

In 1993,

our company was founded under the name Sky Shore Trading Limited Partnership. The company exported fresh fruit such as durian and mangosteen to Taiwan under the “888” brand by air. Our factory was first located at Si-Mum-Mung Central Market. As a result of the rapid growth of the fruit export market, in 1997, our founder increased the investment and changed the company name to Thongped Fruits Vegetables Co., Ltd. Moreover, our company located a new factory at Chanthaburi where large volume of durian and mangosteen are produced, we then began to export products by vessel. In 2001, the company expanded our fresh fruit market to China where there has been increasingly high demand for fruits.

Years later,

the company has expanded production base by building fresh longan factory and dried longan factory in Chiang Mai. Furthermore, Thongpad Cold Storage was founded in the same year to operate cold storage built for our fruits and vegetables. Our cold storage space of 3 acres is located near Talaad Thai Market, the biggest retail and wholesale market in Thailand. Approximately 150 containers or 4,000 tons of goods can be stored in the cold storage. In 2010, our company continued to expand our fresh fruit market to Indonesia, the third most populous country in Asia.

Years later

Currently Thongpad coldstorage Co.Ltd.

Export high - grade fruit and processed fruit ,we had got many good feedback from all our customer 。